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The Life Safety Systems Company

Protect. Control. Maintain. Monitor.

Why Point Monitor

our advantage

We provide solutions that ensure your employees, clients, customers, patients, and data are protected from being harmed or damaged by intruders or accidents.

Our life safety systems solutions keep you and your team in control through state of the art equipment and best in class installation. Everything you need to monitor and review is always at your fingertips.

Downtime is not an option for most businesses. We provide both preventive and ongoing maintenance to ensure all your life safety systems stay healthy and function as they should. We always take a proactive approach to help save you time, money, and hassle.

From fire alarm and intrusion systems to nurse call systems, we provide industry-leading monitoring equipment and services for every system we install. Our professional monitoring services allow us to observe and check the status of each of your systems and ensure they are always functioning as expected. With Point Monitor, your building and employees are protected at all times.


Comercial Fire Alarm Systems Vancouver WA

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

There is never a one-size fits all fire alarm solution. We can assess all your code needs based on local and national standards and then professionall...
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Access Control Systems Vancouver WA

Access Control

Access Control

Security is vitally important for the safety of your people and building. Most new buildings are equipped with an access control system, which allows ...
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Intrusion/Security Vancouver WA



The expense of an intrusion system is nothing compared to the expense of a break-in. When you use one of Point Monitor’s monitored systems, we dispa...
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CCTV Security Systems Vancouver WA

CCTV and Camera Technologies

CCTV and Camera Technologies

As the camera industry continues to evolve rapidly, cameras boast greater pixel density, low-light capability, and frame rates. Having your property o...
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Emergency Communication Vancouver WA

Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications

In the event of an emergency, being able to call for aid quickly can make the difference. Our Point Monitor team installs emergency communications sys...
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Audio Visual Technologies



Audio and visual systems are utilized in a variety of industries to communicate messages and establish the ideal ambience. At Point Monitor, we are ex...
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Network Infrastructure Vancouver WA

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Point Monitor will design, put into place and integrate a high-quality network infrastructure solution to meet your needs....
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Building Automation Solutions

Building Automation Solutions

Building Automation Solutions

Automating your building can improve the efficiency and safety of your company. Building automation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our Point Mon...
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Audio Visual Technologies

Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Point Monitor can design custom applications to help you address your specific business needs....
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SecurePoint Managed IT Solutions

SecurePoint Managed IT Solutions

SecurePoint Managed IT Solutions

Providing Managed Services, Data Backup & Recovery, and all your Network Security for one flat fee....
Learn more

Service Overview

Preventive Maintenance 01

Preventive Maintenance

When Downtime is Not an Option

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Periodic Testing Services 02

Periodic Testing Services

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System Monitoring 03

System Monitoring

Uptime is Everything

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Building Automation Analytics 04

Building Automation Analytics

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Hosted Access Control Database Services 05

Hosted Access Control Database Services

Cloud-based access control by Point Monitor Corporation

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CLSS: Connected Life Safety Services 06

CLSS: Connected Life Safety Services

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Total Solutions 07

Total Solutions

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Point Monitor Corporation is established as the life safety systems market leader in the Pacific Northwest for fire, security, communications, and control systems. We are committed to the safety and protection our customers facilities and assets. You can explore some of our work here. From new construction installations to building systems renovations, Point Monitor is the expert partner you can trust.

Nursing School

Nursing School In Yamhill County

Salem Police Department

Salem Police Department

Police Facility

Police Facility In Oregon City

Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex In East Portland

PSU School of Business

PSU School of Business

Office Highrise

Office Highrise In Downtown Portland

Seven Corners Facility

Seven Corners Facility


Hospital In Astoria

High End Mixed-Use

High End Mixed-Use In Lake Oswego

Luxury Apartments

Luxury Apartments In Northwest Portland


Video Testimonials

Debra Kilde
Brian Johnson – Walsh Construction
Brian Johnson
Lynne Barra – Paradigm Foodworks
Lynne Barra
Mark Enger - Norwest Contractors
Mark Enger
Justin - Extreme Security

Online Reviews

Office Manager

Steve and the office staff at Point Monitor have been so wonderful to work with! Steve was helpful and informative and made the inspection process so smooth. Their rates are good and it's clear they are experienced and thorough. Thank you!

Shannon Benavidez

Steve was fantastic to work with. He was super helpful in answering all of my questions and educating me on the fire alarm system at the self storage facility. Our inspection went smooth and quick! And the office staff have been helpful and wonderful to work with as well. Thanks guys!

Kaya Camilla Apt

Casey with point monitor is an amazing technician! He is very quick and knowledgeable and not only provided excellent service but also took the time to explain to me what was going on with our system. Technicians like Casey are the reason our building continues to choose Point Monitor. Thank you so much Casey!!

Максим Литвинец

Only great experience. They replaced hard drive foot our surveillance system at NV Apartments in no time! That’s amazing how competent these people are. Recommend.

Anthony Ryan

I am the Maintenance Supervisor here at The Gossamer and just wanted to take some time to share thanks with Jeremiah T. over at Point Monitor. He has helped us tremendously with getting an open circuit issue fixed after months of it giving us trouble. He is very professional and knowledgeable with what he does. I would highly recommend his services.

Grant Abel

I had reached out, as Point Monitor is a company I'm familiar with and have utilized at past communities. However, despite not being able to assist due to the equipment I had, they did point me in the direction of three qualified vendors. Can't ask for much more.

Tom Rue

Thank you Ben Breit from Point Monitor for your time today. Your company, both field and office has been the shining star of service and professionalism for nearly 2 decades. Proud to have Point Monitor as one of our subcontractors. From myself and all of Joseph Hughes Construction, thank you for taking care of our needs Ben.

Thomas Swisher

I honestly can't say enough good things about Point Monitor. This team for Point Monitor included Brook, Jon, Tawnia, and Francis. I recently worked on a new project for the New Installation of a Fire Alarm System. They were absolutely outstanding. This was for a National Account of mine, and was a rush job from the get go, with a timeframe of 4 weeks from bid proposal to commissioning the system with AHJ. The TOP-NOTCH communication, readiness for the unforeseen issues that came up, quick design and submittal process, overtime on nearly no notice, and knowledge of codes and standards were all the reasons why this project was so successful. I can't thank them enough for this. With that said, I will be using Point Monitor for any future work I get in the area. I highly highly recommend Point Monitor to anyone looking for Life Safety related system in the area.

Dorian Martin

Excellent service and professional techs. Clean, quick, and efficient!

Victor Moser

Great people, excelent service!

phillip king

Point Monitor helped me at my facility to update my fire alarm and response system. We have had an issue with some false positives sending the alarm off randomly as well as inaccurate descriptors making it difficult to locate the "emergency". The point team stayed in constant communication via phone, email, and even text whenever was needed at all hours of the day. The field team was a positive team also and were able to answer questions I asked and provide information and assistance when I would point out changes I wanted to see. I have not worked with any other companies in this field but I would not hesitate to work with Lucus at Point Monitor again. Thanks,

Corey Walker

Point Monitor has been very professional in the work they do. Answer any questions I have, and are quick to respond

John Walker

Fantastic company to work with. Very knowledgeable, efficient, and hard working crew. Couldn’t ask to work with better people.

Peter Kozarez

We have worked with Point Monitor on many jobs. Tawnia, Brook and the rest of the team are amazing. They are professional, knowledgeable, respectful and are always quick to respond. Point Monitor has done large apartment complexes and a very custom commercial building for us. They are well known by local jurisdictions as a company that is experienced and will do the job right. I highly recommend them.

Jeff Johnson

We use Point Monitor for many systems including our video surveillance systems, security, cabling and others. They are always very responsive to our request and help us implement state of the art solutions that fit our needs. The Sales staff and Techs are knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Mark Craig

I have worked with Point Monitor for close to 17 years. Through the years they have taken over the maintenance and monitoring of systems they inherited, or as we grew, they put in new panels. Their technicians are solid and there have been many occasions where they helped me out on a Saturday and were able to get my panel operational, so I didn’t need to pay for a fire watch (24/7 security guard). We communicate well and we are well taken care of. I wouldn’t work with them if we weren’t

David Slack

Point Monitor is far and away one of the most qualified fire alarm/security/ and CCTV contractors in the state. I contract or have contracted with a vast majority of the specialized low-voltage contractors in the area and Point Monitor's expertise is second to none. They are responsive, courteous, and always willing to help problem solve. I highly recommend contacting Point Monitor!

Site Manager

I hired Point Monitor to fix our security camera feed, it was blacking out on our resident floors. Spoke with Michael Beecher a real expert in his field. He sent one of his best men out to fix the problem. They did an amazing job and completely fixed the problem and cleaned up the wires. I would recommend their services to anyone.

DeLorenzo Scott

We contract with Point Monitor for many systems and have been very responsive to our needs for our Fire Panel system and door security. They are very professional and highly recommend them to anyone needing their services

Marcus Luce

I have to appreciate this company for their professionalism and the quality of work that they do, on budget. We almost were bankrupted by City Inspectors making up their own codes and having us redo our entire fire system without documentation to back up what they were requiring. We could not possibly have afforded the new system had it not been for Point Monitor coming and doing the system for a very fair price way below several other bids. We had no choice but to go with Point Monitor or go bankrupt. However, the job they did was far above expectations and we have been with them over 8 years now. The system they installed was state of the art and we always get compliments from inspectors and the Fire Marshalls. Our experience is that the technicians are very professional and knowledgable and respect our requests. I see the other reviewer talking about parking where they were not supposed to, I think it is unfair to ascribe perhaps some bad apples to an entire upstanding company that has many professional and respectful employees. I think this company represents a high value on reasonable cost compared with high integrity and quality of work.


Careers at Point Monitor

Career path

Sales & Marketing
  1. Sales Assistant
  2. Estimator
  3. Business Development Representative
  4. Business Development Manager
  1. Clerical Support
  2. Payroll Assistant
  3. Payroll Manager
  1. Clerical Support
  2. Accounts Payable / Receivable
  3. Bookkeeper
  4. Senior Bookkeeper
Operations (Field Track)
  1. Material Handler
  2. Field Apprentice
  3. LEB Installer
  4. LEA Technician
  5. Lead Technician/Installer
  6. Supervising Technician
  7. Operations Group Manager
  1. Warehouse Assistant
  2. Logistics & Delivery
  3. Warehouse Manager
Operations (Office Track)
  1. Clerical Support
  2. Project Coordinator
  3. Project Manager
  4. Senior Project Manager
  1. Associate CAD Operator
  2. CAD Operator Level II
  3. CAD Operator Level III
  4. Senior CAD Designer
  5. Production Manager

Our employees enjoy

Company Funded Retirement Benefits

Company Funded Retirement Benefits



Health and Dental Insurance

Health and Dental Insurance

Paid Vacation

Paid Vacation

Paid Holidays

Paid Holidays

Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing

Performance Bonuses

Performance Bonuses

Employee Stock Ownership at No Cost to Employee

Employee Stock Ownership at No Cost to Employee

Apprenticeship and training

Apprenticeship and training

Employee appreciation event

Employee Appreciation Events

Not just a job... a career

Immediate positions available to fill. Application takes less than 5 minutes.

Positions Available Now:

Portland, Oregon

Group Manager of Low-voltage Technicians and Leaders

Portland, Oregon

Team Captain of Low-voltage Technicians

Lake Oswego / Vancouver

Low Voltage Technician / Installer, LEA/LEB

Central Point, OR

Low Voltage Technician / Installer, LEA/LEB

Lake Oswego, OR

Business Development / Professional Sales

Interested in working for Point Monitor but not sure where you'd fit in?

Our Team

Our Team

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